About Us

About our product.

At River and Sage our children deserve the best. We offer exclusive, custom made, designer children's wear. Limited release designer collections so your children look and feel their best.

We hand make our collections from natural, breathable, 100% cotton, in our Gold Coast studio. We have a stringent quality control where we test all fabrics before sewing. We wash, dry, and iron our fabrics before making an outfit. These are then worn by our own children for comfort and wear, before we wash and dry again. The fabric and pattern design is then assessed to determine if it makes the cutting table. Not all make the grade, some we alter and re-test, some we discard, ensuring we only offer the best.
Using designer fabrics with minimal runs, allows us to offer limited release collections. Once our fabric roll is finished, we don’t buy extra. This means a limited release of each fabric is made. Your child will have an outfit that is custom made.

About Us.

We are two sisters and busy mums, with a love of fashion, style and design. Coming from a line of dressmakers, sewing and design has always been in our blood. We love to design and sew outfits for ourselves and our family. We are always creating something different for our children that has quality. A true creative passion.

 When my daughter was 6 months old, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. An absolute bolt from nowhere, it turned our lives upside down. Learning to be parents, we also juggled hospital visits with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Unfortunately it was an aggressive cancer and 6 months later I found myself planning a funeral. I was in complete shock.
Although I wanted the world to end, life didnt stop. My daughter was only 13 months old and needed her mumma more than ever, and I needed to keep going.  As I struggled with my loss and the enormity of my new life, my amazing sister guided me every day. I realised I needed to do something different to heal and to raise our little one, while paying the bills. Being a sole parent in a busy corporate job wasn't going to work for me. It was time for Plan B, and who better to do it with than my sister and best friend.
We took a huge leap of faith to try something new to allow us to be more hands on mums and around for our children. Life is short.... we had learned this first hand. We always talked about being business owners together but never found the right time. Now, that time had come. It was time to pull myself together and show my daughter how to keep going, and to do my husband proud.
Being a small business owner is not easy, its hard work and long hours. But it allows us flexibility to work from home and be available for the days when our babies need mum.  As my little one started kindy and my niece started school, it gave us opportunity without long daycare hours.
River and Sage is the newest addition to our family and we hope you will come on this journey with us. 
We welcome any feedback and design requests you may have. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you. We aim to provide great customer service and an enjoyable online shopping experience.

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon and Kerri